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Since I and my family members have been attacked and exploited via the Pornwikileaks (PWL) project along with several other adult entertainment industry professionals – the primary question that’s been on my mind has been “Why?”. I understand that there aren’t always solid concrete answers to every question and circumstance in life, but more often than not, I’ve found that there are truths and answers to most questions – however unusual, odd or unexpected those answers may at times be.

A small group of people, from both within and outside of the adult entertainment industry, have launched an investigation as to who exactly is behind the PWL project, and slowly but surely some names and IDs of those involved have been firmly attached. For details, please visit and

Though some people immediately attached to the project (the primary driving forces behind it) were expected (such as Donny Long aka Donald Carlos Seoane), others have been a bit unexpected (such as Jerry Aharony – owner of Mallcom Inc, Tara Akinlose of and Michael Fattorosi – better known as “Pornlaw” of ).

Though it’s been known for quite some time that Donny Long is mentally unstable and seeking revenge upon the entire porn industry, and that companies ( that I view as being unethical ) like Mallcom Inc / (owned by Jerry Aharony) will attach themselves to virtually any steady internet traffic source they can find being that we’re living in a floundering economy – the motives and thought processes behind others involved – namely Michael Fattorosi – have been somewhat confusing.

Many have questioned at this stage exactly WHY Michael Fattorosi would align himself with Donny Long and PWL considering the extreme racist overtones of the project being that he’s been in a long term relationship with Vanessa Blue – an African-American pornstar.

That’s why I decided to look a bit closer at the history of Michael Fattorosi’s rise to prominence within the adult entertainment industry – which I found to be heavily dependent on his association with Vanessa Blue.

Upon researching Vanessa Blue’s history I found quite a few disturbing elements which have lead me to believe that she has indeed been instrumental and most likely heavily involved in the PWL project – primarily due to having a personal vendetta against “crossover” male talents (which may have been prompted by her breakup in 2005 from Lexington Steele due to his rumored bisexuality), and because she may have realized that PWL would be an excellent tool to utilize to either hurt or destroy other studio owners she may view as her competition (therefor advancing her own career and income).

In this video I outline Vanessa Blue’s personal and professional history, and reference several articles and interviews with Blue. A glaringly common element or theme within much of the material I read about Blue had to do with her insecurities in regards to her ethnicity and her overall low self esteem.

I cover details in this video piece in regards to Blue’s relationship with Lexington Steele along with when and how it fell apart. I also document the entrance of Fattorosi into Blue’s life and how he may have exploited Blue’s circumstance and dysfunction to suit his own agendas and rise to prominence within an industry full of individuals that would be relatively easy for someone of his character to manipulate.

I present an overview of who Blue and Fattorosi have been attached to and who they’ve dealt with over the years and why some of these individuals have been attacked by PWL extensively where as others have been “shielded” from the venture entirely.

On a personal note, I feel that I and my family were heavily attacked by PWL, primarily because my family situation (and my father especially) may have reminded Blue about what she went through in regards to her relationship with Lexington Steele – I feel she was projecting.

Blue in my opinion may need to go into counseling or therapy at this stage in her life (and should probably get as far away from Fattorosi as possible, because he appears to encourage her hate and enable her dysfunctional behavior), because her hate filled homophobic online activity is wrong (it dates back to 2007 according to Christian XXX’ s blog) and unacceptable. Furthmore her self loathing is beyond the term of “unhealthy”.

I also include my thoughts on Tara Akinlose in this video and share how I see her fitting into the picture along with how I feel she’s been utilized as a “worker bee” by Blue, Fattorosi and/or Long to carry out various tasks against certain individuals who may have been perceived as “threats” (Christian XXX, Mercedes Ashley, Mariah Milano, Nina Mercedes and myself).

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