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Another HIV Positive

By MikeSouth
August 28th, 2011

The big buzz is a new HIV Positive. Word is it is another male performer who has done crossover work. I don’t have a confirmation on him yet but a dozen girls are quarantined as first generation exposures. The second generation exposures are said to be way high. the guy is said to have worked for ALL the major studios.

Initial rumors had the guy testing positive in Miami but it doesn’t mean he was Miami based (he could be though) as usual nobody is coming forward.

The right thing to do, specially in this day and age of de-centralized shooting, is to come forward. If you aren’t willing to do that you shouldn’t be in porn. Period.

No word on where he was testing but the silence surrounding this reeks of the old AIM protocol.

I will post more as I learn it.


Side note from Monica: I found this link on the board where people are discussing this issue. If you have any information to report you can contact those listed on the thread post / link below:

****(Girls, I strongly suggest that you just SOLO webcam right now till the American porn industry can rebuild it’s self from the ground up properly. Things are too dangerous right now – your life is worth more than any amount of money offered to you!)

08-29-2011 update:

Latest Patient 0 is now testing “negative” – (who runs the Brazzers brand) claims patient 0 shot for , not (though both and have offices in Cyprus? hmmmm) –

Michael Weinstein of the AHF states there is an HIV “cover-up” in porn! –

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