Monica Foster at Home Christian Pornstar Easter - Gangstalking 411On this edition of Monica Foster at Home, Christian Pornstar, Monica wishes everyone a happy Easter and discusses gangstalking.

Monica explains how many in the the Los Angeles porn industry may view porn stars as being worth more dead than alive.

Monica Foster describes the concept and intention behind Hunter Moore’s website (which may have been to drive a person to suicide in the name of financial gain). Since the broadcast of this webcast which was April 8, 2012 – an anti-bullying website by the name of Bullyville has purchased and close

Monica discusses those involved with the stalking, harassment, cyberbullying and terrorism which nearly drove her to suicide post her career as a pornstar. 

Monica describes how those who may have been directly involved with and /or attached to the pornwikileaks project: Michael Whiteacre, Sean Tompkins, Joy King, Dr chauntelle Ann Tiballs, Diane Duke, Joanne Cachapero, Julie Meadows, Doug Hawk, Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen and various others attached to the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) and the Los Angeles porn industry may have stood to gain much financially from the deaths of those who were targeted by the project.

Monica explains how Easter is a reminder to us all that we need to speak up and fight back against people in position of power who may murder or gangstalk and attempt to drive those who “rock the boat” to suicide – especially being that Jesus Christ could be viewed as one of the FIRST recorded accounts of a gangstalking victim.

Monica lastly discusses how she feels pornstar Julie Meadows (and her associates) were very instrumental in opening the doors to the stalking of herself and family (possibly for financial gain being that Julie Meadows and her associates have documentary video footage of Monica Foster) and how it’s strange that the theme of “suicide” seems to surround Meadow’s social circle…

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