youtube thumbnail of Monica Foster and Barack Obama Monica Foster sends her congratulations to President Barack Obama who was re- elected for a second term and to Michael Weinstein and the AHF for getting Measure B (a ballot measure which mandates the use of condoms in adult filming within the los angeles porn industry) voted into law.

Monica begins this Christian Pornstar webcast by discussing pornstar Jessie Andrews link to pop star Miley Cyrus who was previously known as Disney’s Hannah
Montana – and shares her observation as to how Jessies Andrews’ career is on an incline as a result of the mainstream media linkage, where as Miley’s reputation appears to be on the decline. Monica also touches on how unfortunately Miley’s linkage to Jessie Andrews is introducing many of her young fans to the world of hardcore pornography (primarily due to Twitter).

Monica later discusses Mark Spiegler as well and how strange it is that many women he represents systematically wind up in mainstream media (entertainment and political) scandals (ex: Sasha Gray namely and brooklyn Lee) – along with Jenna Jameson’s political views on Mitt Romney and Republicans vs. Democrats.

At the 19:30 minute mark of Christian Pornstar Monica delves into her personal, professional and spiritual life and relates her frustration with porn industry fringe figures Ari Bass (aka Michael Whiteacre) and TRPWL (aka Sean Tompkins
of therealpornwikileaks). Monica shares how she feels Ari Bass, Sean Tompkins and their associates (who appear to regularly have access to the Aids Health Care Foundation’s private emails which seem to have been illegally obtained) have threatened her reputation, personal safety, life and her freedom and explains how at this stage she’s taken a leap of faith by going completely public via twitter and other venues (in regards to her residential location ) due to the continued stalking, harassment, bullying, terrorism and slander both she and her family have suffered for the past couple of years via Ari and Sean’s efforts.

Monica Foster aka Alexandra Mayers explains that due to the multitude of websites she’s created which tell the truth of the Los Angeles porn industry – namely PornstarHookerAlert (which is a database of pornstars which clearly illustrates and proves that much of the foundation of the Los Angeles porn industry is organized crime) she is under attack by Sean Tompkins, Ari Bass and their associates who seem to have the goal of silencing her via intimidation or coerced suicide (and possibly at this stage murder – Ari Bass a novice filmmaker has a track record creating “documentaries” of which are based on harassment tactics which fall just outside of being illegal – Alexandra aka Monica has come to realize that Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre may have the goal of profiting off of her death via a documentary which he may desire to end with her death via coerced suicide or a murder – in otherwords a “legal snuff film”).

Monica Foster shares many screen caps of the intimidation she and her family have
received from Michael Whiteacre and Sean Tompkins who are both supporters and who appear to be affiliated with the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) – namely Diane Duke, Joy King of Wicked Pictures, Dr. Chauntelle Ann Tibbals, and Julie Meadows aka Lydia Ann Lee.

Monica shares her thoughts about porn addiction affecting one’s judgement along with a potential lawsuit of which Sean Tompkins has threatened her with in regards to her filing a report with a state agency due to her suspicions of the possible neglect and abuse his children may be suffering that she witnessed both
online and via telephone contact with him. Though Tompkins is claiming Monica filed a “false” report, considering what she observed – she is willing to go into a court of law to state her case and present her evidence as to why she felt obligated to report the situation and why she felt there was definitely just cause for doing so.

Monica concludes the broadcast with a selection from Deuteronomy 30:19 and reads from Mark 4:37