Ex pornstar Monica Foster discusses porn and adult entertainment industry news in the first half of the webcast: the Vivid Studios and LA Direct Models offices catching on fire over the weekend, the recent dispute between male pornstar Christian XXX and Derek Hay (owner and front man for LA Direct Models), and porn celebrity Lisa Ann’s recent comments in regards to Derek Hay.

Monica then shares her thoughts on the importance of raising awareness about sex trafficking and human trafficking within the United States of America and explains to her viewers how much of the Los Angeles porn industry’s foundation is based on domestic and international sex trafficking.

Monica concludes the broadcast by taking live questions and comments from her viewers in regards to their thoughts on the porn industry and the issue of slavery. Monica presents the discussion question to her viewers of “If in the year 2028, if slavery in America was re-established and legal, but the slave class of people was white, would you opt to own slaves?”

Monica Foster explains to her viewers, that according to a recent study by Jon Milward based on the data compiled in the IAFD database, over 70% of pornstars are white Americans.