In this webcast of Monica At Home : Christian Pornstar edition – Monica Foster shares why she feels it’s very important for parents to keep their children and teens away from the families of pornographers and various other porn professionals (studio owners, pornstars, porn industry attorneys, porn distributors, etc). Monica Foster explains that in many cases, the children and teens of pornographers and other porn professionals are highly sexualized at a very young age due to their parents occupations and lifestyles – and therefor are apt to introduce sex, sexually attack and/or corrupt the mindsets of children and teens they come into contact with from traditional (non adult entertainment industry attached) families.

This webcast features clips of Sunny Lane’s parents (who’s attitude toward porn much of the general public would find highly disturbing), James Deen (who relates that he was aware of porn at the age of 6 – in Kindergarten) and Demi Delia aka XXX Mommy who’s teenagers appear to have been conditioned into thinking a career in porn is “normal” at a very early age.

Monica questions in this webcast why porn industry and hypocritical “Freedom of Speech” attorney Marco Randazza claims to want to protect his daughter’s reputation while simultaneously defending the likes of porn studios such as Hustler who ruin the reputations of the daughter’s of America every year via their “gateway to child porn” series “Barely Legal” (which depicts very young women who are presented with an image that parallels that of a minor). Monica conveys that in the future Randazza’s actions and career choices may prompt the parents of his children’s peers to encourage their children not to associate with his family.

Monica concludes with her thoughts and concerns in regards to the Los Angeles porn industry’s increased use of children’s themes in their xxx features and suggests that parents get to know the parents of who their children and teens socialize with.

In addition Monica states that she feels it may be a good idea in the future for the scholastic system to create a “watch list” comprised of children and teens who’s parents are pornographers and/or Los Angeles porn industry professionals. Especially in the wake of the Steubenville rape incident and the revelation of ex-pornstar Traci Lords having been raped at the age of 10 in the same town.