In this installment of Monica At Home, Alexandra Mayers discusses her thoughts on being a whistleblower and independent blogger who’s opted to share with the public the truth of the organized crime elements which are deeply rooted in the porn industry. In addition she reads a blog she recently wrote that outlines how the Civil Lawsuit filed against her by pimp and pedophile defense porn attorneys (which is an effort by the porn industry to 1- sex traffick Alexandra back into porn via debt bondage 2- attain her websites and 3- intimidate her into silence) is requesting a judgement nearly double the amount that pornstar James Deen was fined by Cal-Osha for breaking the law and putting the health and safety of performers at risk (in the work place).

Alexandra Mayers also shares her thoughts on how much she’ll miss the Obama family being in the Whitehouse and how she’s feels today’s Presidential candidates don’t really offer the young women of America much to look up to (in the sense of being a complete and healthy female role model).

Alexandra concludes the webcast by sharing how much she’s enjoying being 37 years old and how much of a positive difference Jesus Christ has made in her life.