In this video podcast of Alexandra Mayers LIVE, Alexandra comes out of the closet – in regards to being the daughter of Houston, Texas would be political candidate Ivan Mayers.

In addition Alexandra Mayers shares her thoughts on why she feels that it’s very important for young Blacks & African Americans to consider a career in the political arena – now more so than ever before.

As of recent Alexandra Mayers has come to terms with the fact that much of the adversity, stalking, threats and harassment she’s endured over the years since electing to leave the adult entertainment industry as a performer did not ONLY stem from individuals within the American pornographic industry, but white supremacist groups and neo-nazi groups as well (linked to the pornography industry) who targeted her due to her father’s political aspirations many years ago.

The reality is that the children of politicians and political hopefuls are often harmed in effort to harm and intimidate their parents from continuing on their political paths. In this podcast Alexandra outlines a few details in regards to what political operatives linked to supremacist groups specifically did over the years to harm herself and her father (the psychological warfare tactics used against Alexandra nearly drove her to suicide at one point).

Alexandra Mayers concludes this podcast by reading a bit of chapter 4 from Omaroas Manigault Newman’s book UNHINGED in regards to the possible motivation behind President Donald Trump’s apparent goal of undoing a substantial amount of President Barack Obama’s efforts and accomplishments. At the end of this podcast Alexandra Mayers shares recent evidence of the continued politically motivated attacks upon her father (and herself) which stem from Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long – a man who is openly racist, openly homophobic, openly anti-government and who has a criminal history.

As of current Alexandra has an open case in regards to Seoane’s stalking of herself and her family within the Broward County Courts of Florida. Alexandra Mayers loves her father, mother and her entire family very much. Her father Ivan Mayers is NOT a “child molestor” in any way shape or form. Ivan Leacock Mayers is in actuality a brilliant man who Alexandra (his daughter) respects and admires greatly (just as she does her mother and her other family members). Life is a journey – so always follow the path of LOVE (as the path of LOVE is what leads to real success and you winning as a human being).