Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster 02My real name is Alexandra Mayers. I was born in the state of Washington to a mother who was an art and music major, and a father who was an engineer.

I grew up in the out-skirts of Houston, Texas, which is where I spent most of my childhood. As a young girl, I was a natural athlete and artistic, but I spent most of my early years in the solitude of my bedroom developing my interests in computers and electronics.

For me, the simple logic of computer programming was an escape from the world and the people around me. I often had the feeling of being a square peg, attempting to fit into a round hole being such a nerd, but in turn, the situation gave me a “thick skin” comprised of strength and confidence that would allow me to go bravely into any situation later in life, regardless of the comfort level.

From my early childhood up into my late teens, my mother encouraged me to seek an audience. Whether it be the school’s cheerleading team, dance team, track team or student council, I always excelled and attracted a lot of attention.

In 1993, I, along with my mother and sister, moved to South Florida, where I attended high school – but never finished due to lack of interest.

Later I enrolled in Florida Atlantic University’s Computer Science program. After 1 year in the university, I found that a career in the field of computer science was not what I wanted for myself. Though I loved computers and technology, the artist and entrepreneur within me both screamed for release, so I dropped out of college, found my first apartment, and decided to try to start my own multimedia design business.

I quickly found that the few clients I was able to gain multimedia design work from, did not pay nearly enough to support myself so I found fulltime work with an office supply company as an on-site copy and fax machine repair technician.

As you can imagine, that job didn’t last more than a year with me – the hours were far to long, the work was tedious and un-imaginative, and by time the day was over, I was far too tired to work on her true passion of trying to develop my own business.

The turning point came, when I was called out to fix a fax machine in one of the local strip clubs. I’d never been inside a club like that before, nor had I ever thought about working in such an arena, but after fixing the fax machine and experiencing the adult entertainment environment, I resigned from my 9 to 5 job the next day and began research on exotic dancing.

“Research on exotic dancing” – the phrase alone sounds a little odd, but who said I’m your average everyday girl? I’m very adventurous and I like to walk the unbeaten path, but I’m also the type of person who likes to learn as much as possible about a situation before going into it, so I visited countless websites and online forums on exotic dancing and the exotic dancer lifestyle and after about a week, I started dancing at the same club that I’d repaired the fax machine for a week prior.

Though the first night was extraordinarily unnerving for me (by the way, I initially chose the stage name “Katrina”, but was later dubbed “Monica” by the DJ) I managed to get through it and rather enjoyed the job. Due to my background in cheerleading and dance as a teenager, I was a natural on stage and found that I was a bit of an exhibitionist which was a part of myself I hadn’t discovered prior to this new experience.

I found several benefits to dancing. The easy money, the flexibility of only working when I wanted, and the comradery of the other young women I worked with. Many of the other dancers too, were doing the job to fulfill their dreams. In fact, I wound up gaining many of the girls I worked with as clients – photographing and creating modeling portfolios for some, building websites for others, and so forth.

Of course there were the drawbacks of dancing too – the often overly aggressive drunken men, the drug scene and the constant propositions for sex from both the club customers and management. After a few months of dancing it was the agitation of the constant sexual propositions that made me decide that exotic dancing wasn’t something that I’d want to do long term at that stage of my life, so I temporarily put my stripper shoes on the shelf and thought “what’s next?”

Well, what was next wasn’t anything too exciting – it was a job as a computer tech-support operator – once again I was back to the hum-drum life of a 9 to 5 job with little time to develop my business. This situation was one which wasn’t workable as far as I was concerned, and that was when I had a breakthrough idea that would allow me to develop my business and still bring in a decent income, which would enable me to support myself.

The “idea” that I came up with was the birth of my first “official” Monica Foster website. While developing the online persona of Monica, I went back to working as an exotic dancer on and off until mid 2006. I also was employed as a bartender on my breaks from exotic dancing. I realized from working as an exotic dancer that the idea of sex truly does “sell” so I merged all of her talents and skills into one project – a website which would showcase my alter ego “Monica” to internet surfers world wide as a model and adult webcam performer.

When I first began working as a dancer, I had been photographed a few times by a photographer by the name of Daniel Norton. He was an outstanding, but not very well known, photographer who felt I had a good look for “glamour photography” and he had the goal of getting me into a magazine like Playboy or Perfect 10. That goal never panned out, but the series of shoots introduced me to the world of high-end glamour photography, which is something I hadn’t known of prior.

Since I was a fair photographer already and tech savvy, I rigged an automatic interval-timer to my camera and began producing several sets of glamour pictorials of myself. I designed and built my own sets, chose my own wardrobe, did my own hair and makeup, etc. I didn’t have access to a studio at the time so the entire photo production process took place in my apartment. – I self produced nearly all of my photos and videos.

Once I had enough photos put together, I built and officially launched the website. Upon selecting a domain name, since the domain name was already taken I needed to come up with something else – that was when I remembered that while dancing, I’d come up with the last name “Foster” to my stage name “Monica” due to so many customers constantly hassling me for my “real name”. A domain which incorporated the names “Monica” and “Foster” was available so that was the domain name I used for my site.

My Monica Foster site in the end consisted of a member’s section filled with pictorials that visitors would have to pay a monthly fee to view, a live pay per view web cam feed, a pay per minute phone line visitors could call to speak with me, several videos and many products showcasing me as Monica Foster (posters, prints, custom pictorial sets, and a DVD video pictorial).

In time my website began generating the income I was looking for which would allow me to work from home to build a photography and multimedia business. Consequently the business became a creative outlet which allows me to experiment with different photography and lighting techniques, web-design ideas, and graphic and multimedia applications. The venture also allowed me to enjoy from home one of the aspects I truly loved about exotic dancing – freedom.

Over time, my online popularity slowly but steadily increased. I was featured in a few publications, a video game, and a few Internet broadcasts at that phase of my life.

July 4th, 2009 I launched (which spawned the book Getting Into Porn – The Handbook – available on a free guide I created and a “one stop information resource” for women interested in getting into the porn industry. The project took a while to complete, but was very important to me being that when I first entered the porn industry, I was very naive to many of the people and situations I later encountered.

February of 2010, I launched Monica @ Home (, a video commentary on news, gossip and life pertaining to the porn and other adult entertainment industries. & initially had the primary purposes of:

1) Assisting newcomers to the adult entertainment industry.

2) Promoting individuals currently in (or retired from) the adult industry.

3) Informing the public as to the myths and truths of the adult entertainment industry.

As of current, & are intended to educate and warn people about the truths and DANGERS of entering the organized crime infested Los Angeles porn industry.

The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) spotted my website and invited me to attend the 2005 Diva Search in Los Angeles, California. Though I did not progress very far in the competition, the trip to L.A. in itself gave me more clarity and drive in regards to what direction to take my modeling, hosting, photography and artistic endeavors.

Ironically though the WWE didn’t feel that I have what it takes to be a “sexy female wrestler”, DT Wrestling ( did. I participated in several matches for their company and held a place on their roster for several years for “custom matches”.

March 2008 I decided to get into the world of adult video. May 2009, I retired as an adult actress (with a total of about 35 scenes under my belt) to work exclusively on my solo projects. I have worked with key adult video industry labels such as West Coast Video (Productions), Naughty America, David Christopher, Jim Powers, Sticky Video, Kick Ass Video, Vouyer Media, Silver Sinema & Jules Jordan Productions. My first feature role as “Claire” in “Not the Cosby’s XXX” released on June 2nd, 2009 – the sequel “Not the Cosbys XXX 2” released February 9th, 2010.

January of 2010 I “officially” re-launched my photography and web design business under the name XXX Simple Sites ( – previously ID-CD Productions). The company produced simple, straight forward websites at a low cost for both adult and mainstream entertainers and ventures.

October of 2011 I launched an adult industry news blog called

November of 2011 I began the Christian Pornstar movement, a spiritual awareness effort, which sends the message that adult industry workers, webcam models and pornstars ARE “good enough” for God, Jesus Christ, the Light and Goodness – and that God doesn’t expect us to be “perfect”, but does expect us to listen to him at some point.

In May of 2012 I developed a website PornStarhookerAlert to track the frequency of how often top porn talent agent’s rosters were simultaneously listed on illegal escorting (prostitution) websites.  Initially the project was an effort to discourage adult film actors and actresses from working illegally and to inform pornstars who did not escort that their peers may be putting their health at risk (via contracting STDs from untested prostitution clients)… however inadvertently the project revealed:

1) Many pornstars were listed on illegal escorting / prostitution websites without their consent.

2) Many pornstars feel they have no other option than to prostitute themselves upon (and after) entering porn due to the issues and stigma surrounding individuals who have worked as adult film performers.

3) Many of the individuals who run the escorting & prostitution websites use the guise of being a “professional porn agent” as a front for their organized crime controlled sex trafficking rings.

4) Much of the general public who are “fans” of adult film actors & actresses frequently run web searches to hire them directly (or through agencies) as prostitutes – which points to a high percentage of porn consumers viewing much of today’s pornographic content as “sex trafficking ring advertisements”. from my perspective became solid evidence that the current United States pornographic industry’s foundation is built on sex and human trafficking, which led me to my next project.

July of 2014 I launched in effort to spread awareness about organized crime controlled sex and human trafficking operations.  While working within (and later leaving) the Los Angeles pornographic I was victimized by individuals and groups attached to sex trafficking, so I feel my unique perspective can assist in the fight against the problem.  The pornographic industry is directly connected to Sex Trafficking, and that connection must be severed.

In 2014 (likely in retaliation to my investigative work into the pornography industry’s link to human trafficking) one of the pornographic industry’s best defense attorneys manufactured a fraudulent lawsuit against me. I was sued in civil court for $166,600. The intent of the lawsuit was to completely silence me and halt my independent investigations by closing my social media and obtaining my websites. I defended myself in Civil Court (I couldn’t afford an attorney) and I managed to retain my first amendment (freedom of speech) rights. View the Clark County Nevada (Las Vegas) Civil court case A-14-699072-C Dept. 32 for details. As of October 2018, the lead attorney for the law firm which took legal action against me had his legal license suspended in the state of Nevada (where I was sued).

Early 2015 I realized that much of the “anti-porn” community is fraudulent.  In addition, I uncovered evidence that the majority of the “anti-porn” community has no true plan to put a stop to sex trafficking due to the “problem” of sex trafficking being the sole means of income for key figures within the “anti-porn” community.  After producing a webcast about the truth of the “anti-porn community” (which has been banned from youtube), I decided to close both and

In July of 2015 I launched a mainstream commentary blog called

Between 2017 and 2018 I attained legal closure on the racist, homophobic and misogynistic hate crime known as Pornwikileaks. Today the criminal and founder of Pornwikileaks (known as Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long) is still attempting to evade the legal actions filed against him in the Broward County Florida courts. As of current he’s facing several lawsuits and will face severe criminal penalties due his years of threats, blackmail, extortion attempts and incitement of physical violence against myself and a multitude of others he victimized.

Today, along with progressing and promoting my current projects (which are listed on , I continue my work as an independent investigative journalist and researcher, am the primary host and commentator of, produce music independently ( and create visual art (