Alexandra Mayers explains how trademark law could be utilized to transform American Escort and Prostitution Agencies (websites) and illegal pimp’s sex trafficking operations into legal businesses.

In this Alexandra Mayers LIVE Porn News Alert, Alexandra breaks down the 6 steps virtually anyone could (but realistically should NOT) utilize to set up an online Pornstar Escort ring and then file it as a legitimate business (either themselves or via an attorney / lawyer such as James R. Felton of Greenberg and Bass) via the filing of a trademark.

Though officially, the only “legal prostitution” in the United States is within certain counties of Nevada (Dennis Hof’s legal brothels for example), a recent trademark law victory attached to a case involving a Japanese Rock Band named The Slants, has opened the door to trademark law potentially becoming a viable venue to legalize a plethora of “obscene” ideas, business entities and organizations.

Has the current political climate led by Donald Trump, which appears to be sympathetic to Neo-Nazis, helped to cultivate these legal changes for the adult entertainment, pornography & sex industries? Quite possibly considering that there is a Neo-Nazi presence in today’s porn industry…

In the past gangs, terrorists and hate groups funded their ventures via drug sales, but today many such entities have turned to pimping humans as a less expensive and more effective method to raise money. Trademark law just may be the ticket that will further enable the actions of terrorist organizations such as today’s American Neo-Nazi groups.

As of current the Pornstar Escort agencies known as The Luxury Companion and HelpUbookHer both have registered trademarks.

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