Pornstar tests HIV positive UPDATE – Making condoms mandatory in porn is NECESSARY

Monica Foster at Home 10-15-2010

Monica Foster at Home 10-15-2010On tonight’s broadcast of , Monica Foster gives a recap on the current news story about the pornstar who recently tested positive for HIV which has led to a virtual porn industry shutdown.

Monica Foster discusses why she feels it would be a good idea to implement condoms on a mandatory basis in porn scenes and movies. She also talks about how she’s glad that pornstar Lisa Ann (a.k.a. Nailin Pailin ) is taking a stand and will only shoot “condom only” scenes from now on.

Monica touches on how this HIV issue isn’t something that’s limited to the Los Angeles, California market – but the Fort Lauderdale , Florida porn industry as well and could easily trickle down into small towns throughout the USA.

Monica also talks about how she’s very disappointed in certain pornstars¬†who feel that the mainstream media is blowing the current HIV “scare” out of proportion (as reported in a recent article on ) .

***For more coverage – click here for my October 13th 2010 entry and broadcast on this story.***

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